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online La La Land (2016) Full Movie

online La La Land (2016) Full Movie

La La Land (2016)

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La La Land (2016)
La La Land (2016)
La La Land (2016)

Sinopsis :Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt, J.K. Simmons, Finn Wittrock, Callie Hernandez, Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno, Tom Everett Scott, Damon Gupton, Jason Fuchs, Josh Pence, Hemky Madera, Zoë Hall, Dempsey Pappion, Nicole Coulon, Sandra Rosko, Candice Coke, Trevor Lissauer, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Courtney Hart, Andres Perez-Molina, Anna Lunberry, Phillip E. Walker, Terry Walters, Milica Govich , Cinda Adams, Meagen Fay, Anna Chazelle, Claudine Claudio, Olivia Hamilton, Ashley Caple, Cameron Brinkman, Miles Anderson, Morgan Larson, David Douglas, Ana Flavia Gavlak, Kaye L. Morris, Nilla Elizabeth Watkins, Holly Houk, Kristin Slaysman, Caroline Jaden Stussi, Cindera Che, Jordan Ray Fox, Margaret Newborn, Nadia Tumanova, Crystal Nichol, Kc Monnie, D.A. Wallach, Kristin Elliott, Andrea Lareo, Christopher Aber, Shannon Leann, Jenna Curtis, Noah James, Tommy Cooley, Damian Gomez, Anthony Marciona, Corrin Evans, Jeremy Nathan Tisser, Chris Moss, Amiée Conn, Patty Tobin, Heather Turman, Susie Ganiere, Ottavio Taddei, Morgan Cohen, April Martucci, Nicole Wolf, Trent Kerpsack, Lynn Moore, Vince Donvito, Steffen Dziczek, Melvin LaThomas Brimm, Kelly Kennedy, Jesse Houk, Clarence Robinson, Dapo Torimiro, Bobo Chang, Destinee Handly, Frederick Keeve, Tommy Otis, Robert Haynes, Amanda Fields
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance, Drama
Production: Marc Platt Productions, Gilbert Films, Black Label Media, Impostor Pictures
Keyword: #passion #musical #romance #comedy

2. CHOOSE La La Land (2016) Movie

Similar to the way, I felt about 2011's Oscar Best Picture 'The Artist', for its love letter portrayal of old Hollywood black and white silent film styles. 'La La Land' is the same with its homage to the 1950's Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals. Vibrant colors and exquisite cinematography makes this film, perfect eye candy. The opening song and dance sequence to the song 'Another Day in the Sun' sets the tone of the routine of joyful dreams of succeeding in Los Angeles, while stuck in gridlock on the freeway, going nowhere fast, without establishing, any of the characters. Others songs like 'Someone in the Crowd', 'The Fools Who Dream', 'A Lovely Night' and 'City of Stars' by Justin Hurwitz, were beautiful and the dancing was impressive throughout it. Even music without lyrics like 'Mia and Sebastian theme' & 'Planetarium' stood out. However, the music, they chose, didn't have, much of a Jazz feel to it for a film trying to save original jazz. While, these songs makes the movie seem entertaining to new viewers, the dancing and the story felt too old & familiar for me. The story about two struggling artists, one being actress, Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) & the other, being an old school Jazz musician, Sebastian Wilder (Ryan Gosling) felt a little too generic. After all, I saw similar musicals films like this, before in 1951's 'An American in Paris', 1952's 'Singing in the Rain', 1953's 'The Band Wagon', & 1954's 'A Star is Born'. This film even remind me of non 1950's musical films like 1964's 'Paris, when it sizzles' & 1975's 'the Day of the Locusts' in its style. Don't get me wrong, the movie does have some unique things that set it, apart from those films, like, placing it in a weird 1950's fuel, nostalgic present time and using digital effects to make a great musical numbers, however the story of Sebastian and Mia trying to make it in Hollywood, fell a little short in me. Maybe, because, I thought the movie play it, really too safe. It didn't really have, much of an interesting real-life story conflict, compare to the others movies nominated that year for Best Picture. It's pure romanticism escapism for the most part. It doesn't challenge Hollywood in any unconventional terms. No wonder, why Hollywood loves this film. It praise it, without much criticize. I think, that is one of the problems with this film. It's wears its location on its sleeve, with several standard Hollywood house parties, several scenes on movie backlots and discussions on movie history, and a plethora of struggling artists trying to make it, that the other side of Americans or the rest of the world can't really relate to it. After all, the conflict in the film really do, seem a bit 'first world' problems. While, I love that the word 'La La Land' euphemism describing a person out of touch with reality. I wish the movie would had use that, more. I would had love to see the movie dealt more with what Los Angeles life is really like, than what's it's portray in Hollywood. Something similar to the musical "In the Heights' or 'Rent' did for New York City. After all, modern day Los Angeles population is mostly made out of very normal people of every culture and creed, but rarely any of them is showcase in this film. All of the people feature here, seem a little fake-looking with their rich and beautiful Hollywood lives. Despite that, Stone and Gosling show strength in their performances, even if Gosling character seem out of place as the white guy trying to save Jazz. It probably would have been better, if he was played by a black actor. Despite that Gosling was alright, even if his character was somewhat of a jerk, at times. Though his own character is indeed flawed, Sebastian shows refreshing selflessness towards Mia, putting her dreams and pursuits even above himself and encouraging her all the way. Mia isn't without her positive attributes either. She puts her everything into being a successful, good artist. The audition scene is heart-breaking. Overall: both of the actors made their characters, very likable. Also, their singing was alright, even if they still feel a bit rough around the edges at times. About their chemistry, this is the third time, following 2011's 'Crazy Stupid Love' and 2013's 'Gangster Squad', where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone work together. Both were able to align with each other, once again, on every level in this film. In the end, 'La La Land' serve as the antithesis to 2014's 'Whiplash', writer and director Damien Chazelle's previous film. This is most notable in the two films' tones - where 'Whiplash' was dark and oppressive with the New York settling, this film is a bright, sparkling, old-fashioned Hollywood musical with just a hint of modern cynicism. There's even a counterpart in the characters of actor, J.K. Simmons, going to a mean guy who's a jazz maniac to a mean guy who doesn't want to hear any jazz. Both films deal with the common theme that many dreamers face: how far should people go in pursuing their own passions, while risking their own connection toward friends, family and relationships? In my opinion, 'Whiplash' shows the dangers, a lot better. Why, because I think the five years/dream sequence ending of this film, kinda the message. It felt like a cop-out. Don't get me wrong, I still think this film is worthy of the accolades, it is sure to receive. However, if I had to choose, which movie of Chazelle told the same story, better. I have to say 'Whiplash'. Still, recommended seeing 'La La Land', regardless. It's a fun movie to watch.
I saw it thrice in theaters, but Whiplash director Damien Chazelle's La La Land, with good reason, left me totally flabbergasted when I left the cinema all three times. I didn't get to watch it last year, but no matter when I watch a good movie like it, I stick with my clear opinion. It also caught my eye for the reception and cult following it gained among both critics and moviegoers alike so there's more than just a random decision, but let's move on...

When the film acts out as a musical to entertain those of all ages, the audience is easily gripped by all the super catchy songs within its powerful plot that make it seem like the new generation of 1950s musicals. Even for those who aren't fans of musicals, or mainly in my case; romance, the cinematography throughout most of the songs that help make the film live up to its title, like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in an observatory (since this is a love story while also being a musical at the same time after all) give it some of that rewatchable factor since everybody loves good moments like a lovely dance between two characters.

Stone's and Gosling's characters both have their own sides of the story that develop them well enough that will really grip you to them. From Stone's character; Mia's moments of auditioning for films throughout all of her parts, to Gosling's Sebastian playing pianos from building to building and playing the movie's most common theme that is of him and Mia during their relationship, the characterization suits both the leads even if their the only ones that really get it. And I say this because above actors (Emma Watson and Miles Teller who would've been the lead characters original before Stone and Gosling) and characters at times, story and pacing are really more important when it all comes down to it.

The soundtrack is a big step forward for the film's climax, with the one that's destined to receive an Academy Award (which I'm hoping it will) being "City of Stars", or one other towards the end as it's my favorite song of film), but I'm not going to spoil that one here. It's one thing for the songs to be played out, but considering the fact that (again) it's a musical, actors also need to dance out the situations in which the songs that play in them would. My favorite genre of course would be rock n' roll, but the film's trying to be as jazzy as possible - something of which suits musicals more than guitars and sometimes drums, and being all rock n' roll, or techno or whatever really depends on the musical's theme. In this case, since La La Land is trying to be all classical like some blast to the past (like the 50s and 60s), it's trying to be the soothing kind of situation.

Choreography is another thing as to helping all the memorable, and at times soothe tunes that would make one feel good and even imagine different situations he/she would be in. Even if the film's cast seems less interesting than the two leads (with the exception of (Spoiler Alert!) John Legend and J.K. Simmons (an actor who previously starred Chazelle's first film two years beforehand)), what matters is the overall story and how brilliantly its songs implemented, and how it paces itself out. And according to Chazelle and his ideal soundtrack and excellent plot, La La Land has clearly drawn inspiration from other musicals like Boogie Nights and Singin' in the Rain. But that's not a bad thing. As long as you can make a story that's equally as heartfelt and strong in its storytelling, but not the exact same thing in every element of its plot as all of the musicals it was based off.

Of course, there's no denying that the film has heart to it as there are plenty of scenes where audiences will be cracking up enough to feel good about themselves and even choke up at times that they'll really feel for those moments that, with reason, would really melt the heart. So by no means, will you not be having your feelings of sadness and happiness throughout it as it's okay to feel both feelings throughout any good film.

Who seriously needs a couple of DC superhero flicks that are completely rushed and nonsensical or boring and uninteresting romance crap like an overrated, Academy Award-Winning, 1997, boat- sinking, love story (and really, no offense to those of you die hard lovers/fans of them) when you simply have an endearing storyline that blends romance in perfectly with it's well-constructed narrative while also timing wonderfully catchy musical numbers without having its score stand above the rest of story itself, along with strong performances from two beloved actors/actresses, breathtaking and beautiful cinematography, and gripping moments of a fantasized romance? It makes me feel as though I have a cinematic crush on Emma Stone cause (alongside Ryan Gosling) she's just abso-freakin-lutely incredible!

Those who like it will surely be won over, but those who don't probably will just leave it and move on at the end of the day. But considering all of the best things I've mentioned about it, it all adds up to not only one of my favorite films of last year (at this point I can't decide what my top favorite of 2016 is though), but my favorite musical of ALL TIME!
Damien Chazelle loves music. Jazz music to be more precise. A quick peruse through his IMDb credits shows that. Writer-director Chazelle made one of my favourite films of 2015 in the brilliant Whiplash, an intense study of a young music college student, who longs to be a great drummer and the maniacal music mentor, who drives him to the brink. Whiplash soundtrack is an ode to jazz, with classic jazz staples played throughout.

For his follow-up film, Chazelle once again shows his great affection for jazz. A very different film in every other aspect, La La Land is an extraordinary film, whilst still showing a Clint Eastwood-esque level of love for jazz.

Mia (Emma Stone) is an aspiring actress, working as a barista in LA. As well as working, she is caught up in the soul-destroying circus of audition attending, that is the lot of actors everywhere. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a pianist. A jazz pianist. He can play other things, but he only wants to play jazz, much to his own detriment. He dreams of opening a nightclub where like-minded individuals can come and eat chicken and listen to jazz.

Mia and Sebastian first meet, briefly, on the LA freeway, where a tailgating Sebastian, angrily sounds his horn at the inert Mia as she sits it the traffic learning lines for an audition. They cross paths again when, having had her car towed after a night out, Mia wanders into a bar and is captivated by the piano player; Sebastian. When she goes to compliment him on his playing, he brushes past her, ignoring her completely. Their next meeting is at a party where Sebastian is working as part of an eighties tribute act, playing the keyboard. When leaving the party, Sebastian saves Mia from a boring writer and their relationship flourishes on the walk to her car.

Everything is great until they realise that their individual dreams will ultimately take them away from one another. So it proves when Sebastian decides to shelve his dream of 'pure' jazz and a nightclub, to join an old friend, Keith's (John Legend) modern jazz band, thus beginning a life of touring. Meanwhile, encouraged by Sebastian, Mia writes a one-woman stage show, that flops on the opening night. Crushed by its failure and disappointed that Sebastian could not be there for the show, she leaves town and goes to her parents.

Sebastian receives a call from an agent looking for Mia. He goes and finds her and tells she must do the audition. The audition is successful but the job entails going to Paris. Mia takes the job. Five years pass. Mia is a star. Sebastian has a nightclub. They are no longer together.

That is the bare bones of the story, but La La Land is so much more than that. For one thing, it is a musical. I am not a big fan of modern musicals. I love the classics; West Side Story, Sound Of Music, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady, Singing In The Rain and so many more, those fifties and sixties, technicolored extravaganzas, that had characters burst into song for no reason other than it seemed right too. La La Land is that kind of musical. From the opening number, I was hooked.

Unlike some modern musicals penchant for singing every line, La La Land goes the tried and trusted route of songs interspersing with the story. The songs enhance the story, maybe not the dance routines so much, but the energy and commitment of Gosling and Stone make even the musical indulgences a pleasure.

Neither actor is what you would term a 'singer', but their ability to carry a tune is more than adequate in the film, both singing - and dancing - their parts happily as if veteran stage performers. They also really work as a screen couple, which I feel is down to Stone's innate, doe-eyed, femininity.

Even though it was the strong character of Olive in Easy A that brought Emma Stone to worldwide attention, as an actor, she has not felt the need, it seems, to take on feminist icon roles, her roles to date being a mixture of lead and supporting lead parts. Gosling does Gosling. That is not a criticism. In this film, as the jazz classics obsessed Sebastian, it absolutely works. His cool detachment and suppressed emotion, contrast with his total passion for the music, the connection, that is jazz. You believe that he lives for the music.

The film is also a bit of an LA travelogue, making the watcher yearn to visit LA. Colours are crisp and bright, city visages, clear and inviting. The greatest compliment I can pay this film is that I am not sure I can ever visit Los Angeles. To find out that it is not actually like Chazelle's La La Land would be a massive disappointment. You may never go to Los Angeles but you should definitely go see La La Land. Beautiful.

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